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Rural Internet Availability and Internet Traffic Management PracticesI am a rural customer that uses one of the few options for internet available, an internet stick (cellular wireless internet). When I was provided the services there were no ports blocked. I have had this service for years. In fact, it was a service plan specifically for rural users. Note: The ISP has since quit offering this plan to new users.When I inquired why certain services were suddenly blocked (via phone) Telus informed me that due to CRTC regulation they are blocking ports to try to eliminate spam, viruses, etc. (This was October 2014 and they are still blocked.)They advised that ports are blocked for personal use internet connections, but not for business. The ISP has previously allowed use of all ports each time they were blocked but have so far refused on this occasion and since LTE. For my purposes, the use of these ports, doing school work (technical courses - using a variation of ports depending on the course) and for gaming updates (i.e. world of warcraft - using port 80 for downloads and updates), that is a personal use and should be available for personal service, however I am not able to use the connection for this any longer. I have since been told that only internet browsing and email is personal use. I do not know of any business that allows gaming on their connection, as gaming is personal not business. This is extremely inconvenient living in a rural area and having to drive to borrow a connection in the city. This raises the question, were the limited internet choices for rural customers taken into consideration with this regulation? (Note: Many of the choices for rural customers are cellular wireless based connections (i.e. wireless hub). At least the ones that are not a snails pace, which renders them useless.) With the growing use of data and high speed connections, it is important for rural customers to have proper coverage and to be fairly included in the data world.This would include both rural business and rural personal. It is also unfair practice to exclude certain uses that are clearly personal in the personal plans, especially when they were previously provided on that plan. The cellular wireless ISPs are gaining more and more clientele and should be treating customers fairly. Currently there are not enough choices of ISPs in Alberta and many areas in Canada. More ISPs could provide the competition required for ISPs to appreciate the customers they do have.Thank you for considering my comments and information provided.Please keep my email address confidential.