Intervention: Intervenor 92

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Hello,I really want to say that the Internet has become essential to our daily lives and to it help us evolve personally, professionally, economically and from all other angles we can imagine.I cannot see a library anymore that has not an internet connection. Therefore, it is more essential than books nowadays.In fact, even more important, if there is no internet, the economy will crash.I can now compare this with water, if there is no more water available, the world will crash. Now this is essential. But still people use it to wash their car and play in the water, so there is still entertainment with water.Same thing with the internet, it is essential but people use it also for entertainment.For something important like the internet, we have to have it available like water, for everyone, always.Honestly, I don't really care if the price is not modified, the telecommunication company will always adjust the price to make a profit. What I want is better quality, better service, stronger and faster. Optic everywhere, from coast to coast. Show that Canada is the best in technology. That we thrive and will be stopped by nothing to accomplish this.