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Hi, we live in central Alberta (county of Stettler) approx 1 mile from an adjoining highway between Stettler and Red Deer. We consistently have 1 bar on our cell phones and sometimes they are out of service. On occasion when I have service, if I walk from one side of my house to the other side calls drop. I believe i'm located on a cell drop off zone or similar. If I phone my wife from one side of the house to the other it ends up being a long distance call. I've tried moving between carriers (Bell and Rogers with only limited success).As such there is no way for us to "ditch our landline" and we end up paying essentially "a rural disadvantage tax" as a result. Please find a way to encourage cell providers to provide more consistent and reliable coverage in rural locations. Sadly our wireless internet experience is even worse (using wireless Xplornet). We get spotty service (occasionally get 0.5MB/s down and 0.2MB/s up) when we pay for service that is 5MB/s down and 1MB/s up (the fastest service they offer for $100/mo). We can't watch video (including youtube) without letting it buffer for 10min. Our provider supposedly put up a faster tower a couple of years ago approx 12 miles away, only they mounted the antenna at a height so low that only a handful of residents were able to connect to it. We'd love to try another provider, but there are NO other providers in our area. We've had technicians come out repeatedly only to tell us they can't do anything because of the height of the tower in town. I've written letters to other providers to try to encourage their action in our area as there are hundreds of families who can't use the internet due to it's spotty service.Thank you for your attention to this matter!