Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 464

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I completed the Survey, I'm in support of providing Telecommunication services to all parts of Canada. If the companies want to operate within the country, they should be supporting the country. I do have a concern that we are focusing purely on the rural parts of Canada, and while I agree that these areas are in need of support, we also have areas within **** city's that lack internet support. I'm a residence of Newfoundland, and we provided a support to Bell to bring Fiber Op to our province. As a province that is support by both Oil, and for many years with Telecommunications company’s ISP is an important step for this province, as it is with many places across Canada. The problem is that, while Bell provided FiberOp ISP for the majority of the province many of the areas of our Capital can't access the service. **** the area of St. John's and **** Pearl can't access Fiber Op as we've had our lines placed underground and Bell refuses to adjust to supply these areas with the service. In my case I have to run 2 ISP lines into my home, as I work from home and need the internet to function, effectively doubling the cost of my internet in my home every month. If we are planning on bringing more ISP to rural areas, the companies that are currently in Canada should be made to provide that service to ALL Canadians. If they want support from the Government to complete this process, the should have to both provide a plan to how the money is going to be used to complete these upgrade and be accountable to those agreements, if they are unable to meet the needs of 100% of Canadians the cost should be out of pocket, and any loans provided be paid back to the government so it can step in and provide that service to Canadians.