Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 487

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**** telco providers in Canada (Telus, Bell) hold what is essentially a monopoly. When non-Canadian providers (such as those from the US) attempt to make inroads, Canadian Telco providers complain they cannot compete. This is their problem, not the consumer's problem. I do not care if my service provider is American, I care that I am getting good quality service (which I am not) for a reasonable price (which I am not). Point in case, after threatening to cancel my service, without even blinking an eye, Telus agreed to reduce my recurring payments by 53% - yes, by more than half. And they're still making nearly pure profit from me.Bring in Google Fibre. Watch Canadian Telco providers soil themselves trying to find new ways to gouge their customers. Canadians have the worst internet (ranked by performance against cost) of any first world nation on the planet.