Intervention: Intervenor 13

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In recent past, our telecommunication services have been getting worse and costing us more. Our prices have been steadily climbing, while the service being provided has been getting slower and including less data. Even the speeds we are paying for are actually being delivered to us only a small fraction of the time. The providers are overloading their infrastructure, leading to poor service by the end user. Maybe if I happen to connect at 3:20 am, there won't be too many other people online using up the bandwidth and slowing me down. There is also virtually no competition in the market, and all the providers seem to collude and raise their prices the same amount at the same time. According to the below indexes, Canada ranks 33rd in download speeds, and 67th in upload. This is abysmal. This country needs more competition in the marketplace, it needs to not have the monopolies and price fixing that are plaguing us. references: