Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 432

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In rural areas (let's say within 50-100 km of a large urban centre), there is a need to establish a "minimum available service". The minimum is what should be available to anyone willing to pay for it. Currently, those who need to be connected (and are willing to pay a reasonable price for it) simply cannot get satisfaction.A '2015' definition of a minimum rural telecommunication services must include ... 1) a 1.5 Mbs wired access (download) / 0.5 Mbs (upload) and ... 2) a connection latency (to central office) of less than 100 ms.The access speed is required in order to manage the type and size of Web pages currently populating most of the Internet. A low latency is essential for effective two-way Internet connections. These are needed to keep the rural communities connected with the metropolitan areas.For me, the Internet is like a road. I need the road system to survive and the municipal/provincial/federal government provide it to me. In the post-war area, the US built the inter-state highway system as a way to get jobs for the soldiers back from the front. In 2015, it's time for Canada to build the infrastructure of the 21st century.