Intervention: Intervenor 155

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I live in rural Saskatchewan and rely on SaskTel Fusion service for my internet. This service provider advertises that they provide speeds up to 5 mbps but they definitely do not deliver this speed on a regular basis. When confronted about the discrepancies they say that the slow times are during periods of peak usage. We (me and my neighbours) are finding with SaskTel, that speeds are regularly below 2.5 mbps and often less than that. They basically say they can do nothing about it. This is unacceptable. It is like a restaurant advertising that they are selling hamburgers and then not providing the meat, just the bun, because they are very busy and there is no meat left! Something needs to be done to force service providers to provide at least 5mbps to all rural residents on a regular and consistent basis. Otherwise it is false advertising and does not comply with CRTC targets. We are only about 2,000 strong in rural areas and feel that we have no voice.