Intervention: Intervenor 71

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Our internet service provider is Xplornet. Last year our internet dish was installed by a person here in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut where he charged us a minimal cost for the work. We have unlimited gigs with our internet package and although our internet speed has slowed down considerably since installation, as more people purchase Xplornet dishes in town likely, we have been pleased with our internet service overall. Recently we were sent a upgrade notice from Xplornet where they state that our gigs would be capped however service would be faster and installation of a new dish is required. We know that this new upgrade requires a different mount than the one we have attached to our home and the person who installed our system last year does not know how to do this, the cables are shorter and we will have to pay for the shipment of the new materials (which up north is very expensive). When choosing our internet service provider last year we looked at our other options such as NorthwesTel, Qiniq, Netkaster and Xplornet. Had we foreseen these upgrades coming we would have chosen a differently. 1st class telecommunications? Far from it. Access is success to an isolated community. I don't think it's right that we get stuck footing the shipping bills of upgrade materials which Xplornet state are manditory and are forced to install new mounts when our house is already scarred from the last mounts.