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Canada's internet connectivity has been reported as among the most expensive in the world. I have major issues with both providers in my area (Shaw and Telus) and I am currently wrestling with which one do I hate the least. I've been with Shaw for almost 5 years in that time, I have seen no improvement to my service, I have however seen my bills go up. I would love to go to a third isp like tek savy, but in the end I am still giving money to either Shaw or Telus. For Canada to live in an online world, with more and more services, tech etc going online, we NEED proper internet. One where the big telcos can't abuse their monopolies to do things like bully towns away from implementing their own fiber networks. We need to start running fiber to every house, while 10mb may work for now, we need to look ahead when 1gb fiber is needed in every home. There also needs to be a separation of content creators, providers and delivery companies. There is a clear conflict of interest when the creators can control the bandwidth for their products and their competitions.As a Canadian I think it is a clear sign of how bad things are, when I cheer things like Netflix and Google Fiber, and would rather give those companies my money instead of local Canadian companies.