Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 311

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I live in ****, BC no more then 10 minutes from our downtown core. On my street I have one viable option for Internet Service. The only choice I have is Shaw as Telus has not run any high speed network infrastructure on my street. This means that I am stuck paying an ever increasing cost and have no ability or option to switch if I want high speed internet.These companies need to actually start competing with each other and our speeds need to go up. Every time the speed increases the price does at and exponential amount. To make it worse the only discounts is to spend more money with them at which point they "decrease" individual services. I was paying $200 for a 25Mbps and basic cable with HD and then they increased my bill twice in a year.This kind of price and speed gouging needs to stop. Internet speeds should be getting faster for cheaper and in the age of digital caps on internet when you have alternatives via digital streaming services are just another money grab on top of an already expensive service.