Intervention: Intervenor 38

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I am using this as an opportunity to voice my opinion regarding internet in Nova Scotia- that being in rural areas. Several years back Eastlink "won" the contract in my area of N.S. ( Lunenburg County) to provide high speed internet. Previously having "dial-up" , this was a miracle. First of all they were at least a year over contract to have the job done and our government did nothing to obtain penalties from them. So, then we get it ! So excited ! As it stands now , evenings and weekends, I am no better off than I was with dial-up. I have called and had my system checked out and told "NO, that's as good as it gets" . While I am thankful to have this wireless, the speeds are nowhere near what we were promised and nobody is checking into this. So Eastlink can brush us off and there are no consequences. We are supposed to be satisfied. Bell advertises Fibre-Op - what a joke that is. You have to live somewhere in town or close to town to get it. We are being shafted by corporate companies and no one is the gate-keeper. This has been a great opportunity to at least voice my nighbour's and my opinion on this issue. Thank you so much.