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I own a medium sized business in Meadowvale, Mississauga, Ontario. We rely heavily on the internet for our day to day operations. Our software is cloud based. Our phone system is feed by a IP based Modem. We are also required to provide free WIFI at our business. Previously we had 2 internet connections from Rogers Communication. One connection for our internal operations, and a second connection for free WIFI.However last year due to incompetence of Rogers Communication, all of our business communication was shut down. All of our phone and fax lines were dead, our cloud bases software could not connect, our televisions had static snow, our free WIFI had no internet connection. Except for our personal cellphones, all communication to the outside world was shut down.Rogers took 2 days acknowledge that a problem even existed, then they sent technician to look/replace the wifi modem, even though I told them that problem was not at our location, and was upstream. The problem was diagnosed as an area wide outage, and was "fixed", only to have the same thing happen again the next day. This same area wide outage reoccurred over 7 times in the next 2 weeks, and each time taking Rogers over 24 hours to respond.Since then we have diversified, and now have an internet connection from both Bell Canada and Rogers Communication.The main problem we are facing now is that the fastest connection Bell Canada can offer us is 0.8 Mbps upload speed, and 5 Mbps download speed. This is pathetic, given the fact that our business is located in an industrial area in Mississauga, opposite to the amazon distribution center, and only a few minutes away from large multinational companies. I would have understood if we were located in some back woods area.This 0.8 Mbps is a major bottleneck for us. We are not able to run many applications that we would like. I have been asking Bell Canada for a faster internet connection for the past 6 years, however I get the same canned response. "Bell Canada is working on updating is infrastructure, and is in the process of upgrading to fiber." Its been 6 years of the same canned response. If I ask: "When will the infrastructure in my area be upgraded?" answer: "we don't know". If I ask: "Will the infrastructure in my area be upgraded at all?" answer: "we don't know." The truth is bell has no plans of upgrading the infrastructure in my area. This bell Fiber is nothing but a marketing ploy. The number of residence/business that actually have true fiber (fiber to the premise) / True gigabit from Bell Canada is dismal. I would be happy if Bell Canada could offer me more that 10 Mbps upload speed, and I would be willing to happily pay for it. However its not going happen unless Bell is forced to do so.I have asked other smaller internet service providers such as Teksavy, and none of them are able offer faster speeds, as they all rely on the old outdated bell Canada wiring to deliver their services.Sadly Bell Canada is more interested in spending it profits from customer on thing like hockey teams and baseball teams, instead of upgrading their infrastructure. For which I am sure, they will ask for taxpayer subsidies.The state of the Internet infrastructure in Canada is truly sad.