Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 338

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I have a simple concern regarding Upstream usage, now and in the future.Canadians are increasingly using Upstream bandwidth more than ever. This is partially a result of the new **** and Microsoft systems' inbuilt ability to stream gameplay or share video clips. Many Canadian ISP plans have lower than 2Mbps, which is not adequate for 1080p video @ 30fps. Even 5Mbps is inadequate for highest quality PC game streaming. The popularity of this gameplay-streaming has exploded over the past few years (see, an subsidiary). YouTube just launched a 'Gaming' subsite for streaming as well (see The continued push by gaming giant Activision-Blizzard for 'esports' broadcasting is also coming to a head this year. In this scene, there are professional game players who rank in tournaments for cash pools (unprecedented numbers this year). This players stream their practice sessions to fans and followers in the same way that any general person can stream their gameplay through Twitch, YouTube and other services. This will also increase the upstream usage of Canadians because it's fun to share something that delights you, isn't it?The capabilities of the technologies in use offer much, much more bandwidth than the ISPs make available to the users. Hence, it is my considered opinion that it would be a trivial matter to raise the upstream bandwidth limit. This wouldn't incur additional bandwidth costs to the network operators because people don't modify their activity according to their ISP plan and therefore usage patterns would remain unaffected.Thank you for your time.