Interventions Phase 2: Corporation of the Township of Dubreuilville (Intervenor 717)

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Bell high speed internet services in our community of Dubreuilville, Ontario is ridiculously slow for upload and download speeds. We pay for high speed, but it doesn't even compare it is so slow. Our communities demand is growing at rapid speeds and the current infrastructure cannot support and keep up with the internet speed demand people need to work and play on a daily basis. High speed internet services are necessary for every day use, with everyone having their own devices at home or at work. Until Bell does some equipment upgrades to rectify the issue, which needs to be real soon, Bell needs to drop the price of high speed to customers, as it is not fair to pay for a service that we don't get and haven't been getting for months and months now. Once high speed service reaches an acceptable speed comparable to bigger centres, than they can re-adjust the cost accordingly. Living in a remote Northern Ontario town does not make it OK for our residents and business owners to suffer daily with extremely slow internet speeds. High speed internet is the way of the future and everyone in Ontario and Canada should benefit from reliable speeds. Our education system is also suffering, where kids at local schools can't even do proper research on the internet, as the capacity is not there and the high speed can't keep up. Something needs to be done very soon, to rectify this grave problem that affects the entire community and region. Thank you!