Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 373

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Internet service providers (ISP's) advertise their services in a misleading way. Many ISP's advertise the maximum download bandwidth achievable, and do not typically make it clear how much that download rate will be throttled to accommodate network congestion. For example: I subscribe to a 5Mbit/s 4G wireless connection. When there is no network congestion I can achieve the advertised 5Mbit/s download rate; this is only achievable in the middle of the night. During normal usage times (during the day) I am throttled to an average of 2.5Mbit/s. During Peak usage times I am often throttled to less than 1MBit/s. The level of throttling is not clear in their usage agreement, the language simply states that throttling will be performed to ease network congestion.ISP's should be required to advertise their packages based on the lowest possible download rate, not the highest possible download rate. Doing so would make it clear to customers if the package would be appropriate for their needs at all times of use. If my ISP was required to advertise the connection based on the lowest possible download rate, I would have likely chosen a different provider or package.