Intervention: Intervenor 235

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We just wanted to say that we did complain about the internet service we were receiving from Xplornet now owned by Shaw. We have Xplornet 4G service and pay $70/mth.- We were not able to obtain upgrades to our computer programs during the day time hours.- We were not able to stream videos and movies without interruptions.- We were not able to rent movies from ITunes during the day time hours.After our complaint to the CRTC, Xplornet spent time looking into our service and the service has improved. However, we are still not able to obtain upgrades to ITunes (154.9 MB) during the day time hours. We find it very inconvenient to have to get up at 2:00 AM to get these upgrades - we have 2 computers that need upgrading.We would like to thank the CRTC for their help with our issues with Xplornet - I'm sure we wouldn't be getting the service we have today with out the help.