Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 782

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Greetings CRTC,Hello my name is **** Coyle. I am a Neurologically Disabled Canadian and I am a prime example of a person who is using monies from food budget allowance to pay for a Cell phone & Fiber internet from Bell. I find my life experience would do well as an example to high light the need for a Quality of Life **** Package from the Telecommunication Industry. I sorry to be a late submission into Telecom Notice of Consultation CRTC 2015-134-3 process. I have not heard of this process before, up until now. I would like to bring to the meeting my points and my humbly perspective as a disabled Canadian. Points:I have been contacting my Telecommunication provider over this very issue (poverty package), for the disabled community members nation wide. They have done nothing. We do not here in Canada, currently have a Federal Disability Act. There is no governing Act to give direction in this matter at the Federal level. Disability Rights and or Laws are being generated at the provincial level. Basically in review of Laws it is the Telecommunication Industry that must show Undo Hardship in accommodation to the disabled community members. The Telecommunication Industry makes a great deal revenue, but does not not follow the Laws of the land. They are not showing accommodation at all, nor are they providing any example of Undo Hardship. At least here in Ontario. I suggest that use of these Laws be used to fill in any provincial gaps in Disability Legislation that may not be in force by other parts of the country. I have talked to Bell's Accessibility Service Center ( The folks whom I spoke too that worked on the phones at Billing & Tech Support had no idea about these Laws or accommodation, which are in year 10 of a 20 year roll out process for industries. The team lead at Bell's Accessibility Service Center had no clue as to what Undo Hardship was, for they had not read the law. Which they did after talking to myself and/or possibly others. I would like to speak at Telecom Notice of Consultation CRTC 2015-134-3. I would also like to be apart of the full process of 11 **** 2016 going forwards please. Ontarians with Disabilities for Ontarians with Disabilities The process that currently underway is mild in attempt. They vulnerable portion of the population that this consultation is meet to hear from, are not fully aware of this Consultation process. Solution1) A better process would have been possibly, is to have the Telecommunication Industry mass email, set up a automated calls or text to the client base to inform them that this process is taking place, and to invite those same clients to participate fully.Thank you for your time,Christopher *****-***-***-****