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First of all, i want to thank you for reading this comment. I apologize for my rambling, but this is something that has been of big issue for me, and many other people as well. Please do us all the huge favor of seriously considering what i have to say below. Thank you very much if you do, in advance.I just want to point out that many communities in Rural areas COULD get 10Gigabit/s asynchronous (UP and Down) speeds, with unlimited data if they just increased the monthly taxes by 100$ per household and make the internet a utility. I have done the math already for my local 30-40Km area, and at $350,000 - $400,000 (About 17Km from the main fiber cable, equals $95,000 for full cable lay and install) as a quote to install to each town and home, it would only cost each household about 75$ or so a month for the initial cost for the first year, and another 30$ or less for the internet package itself. It all depends on some very specific factors, like number of households, and such, but in the end, people would end up paying much less for something they already over pay for. Instead of that money going to greedy Isp's it could be put to better use instead afterwards by local governments. (400 tax paying households x 100$ per month @ 12 months = $480,000 per year. Only 30$ or so of that 100$ would need to go towards keeping the connections running after the initial install is paid off. As such, the taxes could stay at 100 extra per month, and local gov't could use the extra 70$ per household for other things and needs for the communities, or drop the taxes back down to a lower amount, and help each household save a good 50-70$ or so, depending again, on specifics. Need to take care of that network, right?)Anyways, most ISP's already charge $60/month or usually more for their speeds. If what i have in mind were to be done, I could probably have every single canadian household connected to fiber internet with easily between 30 to 100Mb/s asynchronous and unlimited to each household, for the same price or much less than competing ISP's lowest costing packages. Assuming of course that i could get the funds to do such a project to begin with. Money is the key word here. Not cheaply done, but it is completely possible to do, and for a HECK of a lot less money than what the current ISP's would like everyone to believe. To put it simply, 1-10Mb/s is pathetic by today's standards. 10Mb/s is the lowest speed that any household should have to put up with today. 5Mb/s is pretty much the new dial up, and i will only say this once, and once only; UPLOAD SPEEDS NEED!!!!!!!! To be as fast as the download speeds. Otherwise you create a total bottleneck for anyone who actually wants to use their connection for something more than flipping through facebook. I recommend that the CRTC start enforcing a minimum of 15Mb/s for ANY Isp service, with unlimited Data. This limited data is getting to be total crud, and is a form of throttling the connection of their users. Throttling last i checked is illegal. Just because they don't throttle through normal means, doesn't mean it isn't throttling. What they are doing when they limit your data usage, is retro-active throttling. By limiting the amount of data you use, it doesn't matter how fast a connection you are made available, because you can never use it fully anyways to begin with. If you do, you run the risk of going over your amount, and incurring extra charges. Charges that by all means should be illegal. Please, if you don't want to take my word for it, then just ask anyone with a degree in computer sciences, or even your typical computer nerd. As long as they are not a shill for the ISP's they will very likely tell you nearly the same thing i have. Sincerely, a Saskatchewan resident who is sick and bloody tired of being bent over by Sasktel and their shenanigans. (The other Isp's aren't much better, and for good reason too. Sasktel/Shaw are mostly to blame from what i have been told by many "Anonymous" tipsters from many Isp's.....)