Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 400

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I think that high speed Internet should be more spread across Canada at an affordable price. Most provider offer range from 5 to 25 Mb and their price for greater speed when they exist improve very quickly. I have dozen of Internet connected device at home, my kids play online PS4 or watch Netflix while we read news on the tablet. Today's requirements are just not the same as they were five years ago. I would also like to mention that I think that online video services as Netflix and Crave are great services. I wish content would be worldwide available. I find interesting to have local TV show on these services, but I'd also like to see what is done in Europe and why not Asia too. I think it would be a great windows for sharing our cinematographic culture. Finally, I found several spot where cell phone coverage is inexistant at least than 30 minutes from a major city such as Quebec city. I think it's unusual that I get disconnected while driving on the highway. Thank you for your work on protecting our Canadian interest against such oligopoly as telecom.