Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 671

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What needs to be addressed are rural services, and how some companies intentionally compromise service to make themselves more profitable.I'm directing my criticism directly to the company Xplornet. The reason is that for many years, countless of people across the country, have expressed their complete dismay with their service.What is disturbing is that they have a monopoly on many rural areas, and they seem to be the chosen ones for government funding that supposedly should have helped developed rural high speed internet access.Their misdeed is repeated over-subscribing of services in an area. People pay for 10 megabit connections, and it's very common that the actual speed people get is 1 megabit or worse in some cases. Latency, which is the time it takes for information to cross the internet, is too high for voice-over ip or video conferencing, or online gaming, and people having to interact with servers at work from home for work purposes. There are also packet losses which means that Xplornet can not honor every request that is made over the internet. This causes retry sequences and further delays.The excuse has been that the old technology was not capable of handling the load, and that new technology is supposed to address that. But that is not what the result was. Multiple times we have seen a switch to a newer technology. There is 2.4GHz, 3.5GHz, 4G, LTE to name a few. Even the latest LTE service is reportedly oversubscribed in some areas.There are other companies for the lucky people, in some rural areas, that offer service that do not at all, suffer from speed and response problems. Those smaller services can offer service at the full speed that is subscribed to, 24/7 without so much as a hiccup. And those companies are profitable and sustainable.But Xplornet is in a special position, having a monopoly in most rural areas. The sentiment online is very consistently negative in every forum I have encountered. The company refuses to install the infrastructure and equipment that would give people the service they are paying for. Complaints either go unanswered, or excuses are used such as "we're sorry that you having problem, please call us at etc etc". But they will not fix the problem. In some forums where they have control over, they even delete some of people's complaints.The business model clearly is to oversubscribe and keep hardware investments to an absolutely and very substandard limit. Whatever they can get away with, it seems.They rely on people not have another company to choose from. Were there alternatives, Xplornet would not be able to conduct business like this.Xplornet has employed various traffic shaping constructs to help cope with traffic. But even with those mechanisms in place, they still refuse to offer proper service.Xplornet stance is that a service is "up to" the advertised rate. It means that effectively, in many cases, Xplornet can't even be considered a high speed internet service.This company needs to be disciplined. This has been going for countless of years now.It's not even me that's affected, because I'm one of the lucky one that have access to another company that provides absolutely picture perfect flawless service 24/7 with no peak time problems whatsoever. But I remember the problems I had with them when I did use their service. I am shocked that this very same practice remains completely common, now that supposedly LTE should have addressed it. It didn't. At all.I am speaking up about the abuse that this particular company has been getting away with, country wide it seems. This has to stop. Something must be done about it.We need government to step in and impose better defined rules.The definition of high speed is not defined well enough. Simply stating 3mbs is not good enough. It can be interpreted as "up to" and that is exactly what Xplornet is hiding behind.3mbs is outdated. High speed should mean 5mbs. And the definition needs to include wording that the subscribed speed is really roughly the speed that customers are going to get.Very important is to include "sustained". It has to be 5mbs sustained. Not 5mbs for 10 seconds and then 0.75mbs after than. It is impossible to work from home with just 0.75mbs and yet that is what people are getting. They get a short burst at the advertised rate (if they're lucky), and then it drops. That is not high speed internet service.The provider that I am with now, does not traffic shape and there is no burst. It provides a continuous unimpeded 10 megabit connection that just keeps on going and going with zero interference and zero hiccups. Technology is clearly capable of providing this, but Xplornet refuses to, because they want to avoid investing in the hardware that's required to provide it.I will be following this problem, and I wish to specifically aim at Xplornet because they are the prime example company in a monopoly position is most rural areas. They can not negatively affect the entire Canadian rural landscape like this. It's one single company that is literally holding back Canada's technology progress! Not everyone downloads movies. I am talking about watching Netflix in HD, Youtube, and following instructional educational video content, interacting with remote desktops, working from home, downloading and uploading office documents.A proper sustained unimpeded actual high speed connection must be possible for under $100 per month. Xplornet can not provide this. They advertise lofty numbers, but people don't receive it, and the fine prints states that traffic shaping destroys those speeds.