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I live in rural Nova Scotia, on Hwy 337 Antigonish Harbour to be specific. My family has no options for reliable high speed internet, while others just up the road have full access to high speed internet. After countless attempts and pleas to Bell/Aliant to extend their service less than a kilometer down the road from where it currently stops, we were told no repeatedly and that other options exist such as SeaSide Communications. Everyone that I have talked to that is/was a SeaSide customer said the service is less reliable than dial-up internet, the customer service is terrible as it is usually impossible to even talk with a representative from the company, and that they have switched to the much more expensive satellite internet services, or cancelled their internet all together and just use their smartphones wireless networks. All Canadians were promised access to high speed internet, and now it is 2015 and this still hasn't become a reality. I live on a main road in a rural area and can't receive service and there are many more people living further from town, in more remote parts of the county that don't even have the choice of SeaSide Communications, or Cell Reception, or anything at all. We are moving backwards as a country as the rest of the world zooms past us. Access to internet and the world of information should be a basic public service available to everyone. This suppression has got to stop.