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I am a student who has an extremely limited budget. I need to find the best deal so that I can stay connected to the outside world. For what is essentially an emergency phone (I use it to let people know where I am and the like), I an paying $30 a month! But that isn't the issue at hand.As I live in Vancouver, BC, I am blessed with reasonable connectivity (my calls very rarely get dropped and all texts appear to get sent).However, while travelling, my connection gets spotty. Particularly in Coquitlam, which appears to be a cellular "dead zone", as well as certain parts of Burnaby,I am lucky to send and receive texts. I would also comment on data connectivity, but I am not willing to pay an extra $20 a month to check my email on my phone while abroad.Raisons pour comparaitre / Reasons for appearanceI would like to focus on the cost of telecommunications in Canada. It is exorbitant, and some people claimthat it is the highest in the world. I understand that Japan has free talk and text for less than $10, with unlimited data I do not know how good or bad the connectivity is across Canada, but I understand that we have a few "deadzones". I would like to see this discussed as well.