Intervention: Intervenor 14

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4 years ago I moved from Edmonton to about 30 minutes north of Edmonton. When I lived in the city my internet provider was Shaw, now it is Alberta Communications. I knew once I moved I would have a slower connection than what I had in the city. But what I wasn't expecting was a cap on data. For $55 a month I get 60GB of data. In the city I had unlimited data for only $40 a month. With 3 teenage sons (lots of gaming and netflix) and I run my own business, this is not enough data for our family. The only way to get more data through Alberta Communications was to have doubled the account, so now I pay $110 a month and receive 120GB of data per month. This is still not enough, but I can't afford to triple my account. I have tried to change service providers but the only company that has unlimited and services my area was not able to service me as they had no line of sight to their tower. I have very limited options for service providers where I live. I don't think telecomms should be able to restrict how much data you use. In a way I believe this restricts a persons freedom of expression if once your done your data you no longer have a good connection. I hope that in writing to you about this issue it can be resolved. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.