Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 452

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"Rural" Internet speeds, even within large cities, like the City of Ottawa for example, are similar in quality, reliability and capacity as the far north. I know this, because we live 5 minutes outside of Stittsville and have wireless Internet service provided by Xplornet. The service experiences outages during any mild weather event (snow, rain, wind, etc). Due to the high number of households in the area, the service is oversubscribed. The 4G LTE cell towers in the area cannot keep up with evening and weekend demand by customers. We had subscribed to the Xplornet 25MB/s download package and regularly only received 2-3 MB/s or less speeds. On the part of Xplornet, to me this is a combination of false advertising, poor company management and policies and an indication that for a slight investment in infrastructure there's demand! I know that the municipality has given Xplornet funds in the past (for what I don't know). From a market stand point, Xplornet has themselves a government funded monopoly in our area as we have no other service provide and not other reasonable choice.I've attempted to contact the City of Ottawa several times to determine if infrastructure investments (fiber optics) could be made in our area and have regularly been told that Bell and the big telcos think that it's too costly, the City of Ottawa doesn't want to get involved. Yet other communities seem to be able to find funds, small companies willing to install manage and operate fiber in more rural areas to make high speed a reality.We're caught in between a rock and a hard place. We need other solutions as the digital age is well upon us and some of us are living in the dark ages (dial-up speeds) right within city limits!Mike.