Intervention: Intervenor 271

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Telecommunication had evolved at the expense of all other things that used to be good in our Society, at a cost.Seems too many, and not only the younger generation, are preoccupied with the latest on Facebook, Twitter, Email, Snapchat..etc and mostly on their hand held devices such as their cellphones. This major distraction, especially while driving, has put a toll finally on lives. Yes people are getting hurt and in cases have died due to this act. Recently a woman died, hit by a train, because she was jogging with ear buds listening to her ipod. When I listen to teenagers having monthly cell phone package plans costing in the hundreds of dollars, I am shocked. My own cellphone, flip phone, without a camera, which I've had for over 12 years, has risen from $17. month to almost $60. for the same basic features, a + 70% increase! Similar to my Television Cable Service. In 1988 it was $6.00 Month for the Basic Service for ****, BC which had about 27 Channels. Then the **** buy out in the 90's sand negative option billing fiasco, who then sold to Shaw, and rates now in the $100. acquire the same Channels as prior, due to putting them in assorted packages. Add the Internet, and now up to $160. Recently, without a Digital Box, you cannot watch an older TV. where the Rabbit Ears worked fine for centuries. Local Cable/Telephone Providers have made many Seniors or low income families who cannot afford these absorbent costs eliminate one of the few luxuries they could previously afford. When is enough enough...there was nothing wrong with the old service, at the old price. If you are to regulate the industry, you are not doing a good job. Similar to Gas prices at the pump. you are letting the big companies make huge profits at our expense...collusion at it finest hour.Telecommunication is much more affordable across the line in the USA, due to competition, and they are ALL still making money. I am weekly bombarded with telemarketing calls from all of them, even with an unlisted & registered on your do not call list...another pet peeve for many... to upgrade or sell me services which I already have.From what I hear around the town, it seems no one really following through on any complaints.....Make some Seniors enjoy their last few years by making it affordable to watch a few old TV show.As we are all going to be Seniors shortly, so let's start making it affordable now!