Intervention: Town of Grande Cache (Intervenor 220)

Document Name: 2015-134.223926.2393348.Intervention(1f@pw01!).html

Council for the Town of Grande Cache has contacted Telus Communications, in writing, on a number of occasions regarding loss of service, land line and cell, over the last four year. The loss in service ranges from short outages to service being out for a day or more. Loss of telephone and internet services impacts negatively on the businesses in Town. Internet is not a nice to have - it is essential to today's business. When the internet service is down a businesses cannot transact routine functions nor make sales. Grande Cache residents are also experiencing long waiting lists for internet connections and slow connection speeds. Many of them have been expressing their concern to the local Telus Communication Agent who has been passing them on. They have yet to see any substantial improvement in the internet service. They are not getting the level of service they are paying for and is being received in other municipalities. The loss of telecommunication services also raises safety concerns - should public facilities be open to the public if there is no way to contact emergency services should the need arise not to mention the need to contact medical, police and fire services in the case of emergencies. In Council's view, Telus is not providing a satisfactory level of service to the Town of Grande Cache.