Intervention: Intervenor 122

Document Name: 2015-134.223067.2339616.Intervention(1#59c01!).html

I fully support the CRTC's goal of 5 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload for all rural areas by the end of this year. I live in rural **** Breton Island in Nova Scotia and as of today our broadband internet service provider does not achieve these targets. In fact the service is sporadic at times and barely breaks 1 Mbps download speeds at the best of times. I have received no notices informing me that we will be able to access enhanced 5 Mbps download speeds by the end of the year. Our provider is Seaside Communications. In line with established concepts such as national equalization, I believe that rural Canadians should not be at a disadvantage when it comes to accessing services such as broadband internet. When the customer base and competition is not sufficient to ensure service levels solutions must be found. I believe that urban Canadians should support the development of rural internet access. This could be achieved by an equalization fee on urban internet bills which subsidizes rural internet access. Without competitive internet access rural residents and businesses do not experience a level playing field compared with their urban counterparts. This prevents businesses moving to rural areas and encourages rural businesses that need to be connected to move and restricts opportunities. In the interest of fairness we should address this disparity.