Intervention: Intervenor 75

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In Nunavut we are severely lagging behind in telecommunications infrastructure. The modern world is quickly surpassing what Nunavut can deal with internet wise. Personally I pay almost $200 a month from Northwestel for a 30GB cap and 5mbs download and 500kbs upload. I am lucky if I get half of that speed most of the time. I also go over the 30GB almost every month. It is nearly impossible not to. I don't use Netflix or other Television streaming services. I use YouTube infrequently. I do online gaming a fair amount. It is just baffling that Telesat and Northwestel have Nunavut residents in a stranglehold and it is only going to get worse. For Nunavut to participate as an equal partner in the digital age we need a minimum of a 20mbs download and 5mbs upload speed with a cap of 100GB. Where I work sometimes it is cheaper for us to mail digital files and creative to partners outside of the territory pay the fees it would cost to pay for overages if we upload them all. It is nonsense.The CRTC needs to regulate internet speeds, caps, and costs to ensure everyone in Canada has fair and equitable access to internet and not be gouged by telecommunications companies as we are now. It is getting to a point where they are just making more and more money while the general public is getting raked over the coals.