Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 443

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I live in Restoule Ontario and have Bell DSL service which I am fortunate to get due to my close proximity to the field office. It is 5gb service supposedly but as time goes on and broadband demands get higher my service is extremely slow and only getting worse as time goes by. The disparity in service between rural and urban areas in Canada is growing. I am extremely disappointed in the free for all policy that has resulted in a 2 their system of service. Canada was the 3rd country in space and a technological leader in telecommunications worldwide. Of any country on earth I would have thought we would have developed a national system that is inclusive of all geographic locations in the country. Government should direct policy for infrastructure not monopolistic corporations. Bell had a lease on a tower site here for 4 years before they erected a tower to provide cell service for example. I wonder the actual politics that went on there but my main concern is equal access to quality high speed internet service. 3rd world service presently and no sign of improvement on the horizon, only service that is barely tolerable. I consider equal access to the internet a fundamental necessity for equality of citizens.