Interventions Phase 2: R. Edward Empringham DVM (Intervenor 714)

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In our area, we have an option of wireless internet - 1.5 mbps or satellite - I have 10 mbps @ ~$90/month. Satellite has issues with latency and the impact of weather both here and where it comes to ground in Saskatchewan on service quality. Upload speed is very slow and prohibits me from leading a webinar.Our cell service is limited, so use of cellular internet access is not an option .. nor is using a cell phone as an alternate to a land line. The Liscombe **** resort which is 40 minutes east of here has no cell service at all.For Canada to develop the "new economy" in rural areas, much better internet access is required - bandwidth, reliability and price. I also believe that the "old economy" - logging, fishing etc. also require internet access and/or cell access for the application of new technologies.Copied below is an email received from NS Business Minister **** Furey in response to an email outlining my concerns and issues.January 27, 2016(File#: 930)Via-email – **** Mr.:Re: Internet access Thank you for your correspondence dated January 7, 2016. We share your disappointment and frustration with poor rural internet connectivity and service. In this day, it is absolutely unacceptable to have internet service in rural Nova Scotia that is this slow and now even more expensive.We understand that this isn’t just about giving people the ability to use Skype, Netflix or YouTube videos. It’s about providing distance healthcare and education, retaining our young people and rural population, and giving Nova Scotia businesses like yours the tools they need to compete. The contract signed in 2007 between the province and service providers, for the Broadband program ended on December 31st, 2014. As a result government no longer has the ability to influence prices or make the companies deliver better service to rural Nova Scotia. You should also know that the contracts never provided government with the authority to enforce penalties. We appreciate the concerns over the current service and we have retained independent expert advice to provide a clear understanding of reliable options for the future. Government is ready to do what we can to help facilitate discussions to find a solution to what rural Nova Scotians deserve – quality internet access at an affordable price. Yours truly,Original Signed ByMark FureyMinister of Business