Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 336

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Bandwidth minimum service levels!!! Providers advertise maximum potential service that does not guarantee you will ever achieve that service. It is extremely frustrating. When consumers complain of slow access they are encouraged to move to the next tier. This creates a vicious circle as more people join and saturate that tier, QOS in that tier goes down and all of the sudden a new tier arrives. The new tiers are nothing more than an elevation of priority on the same shared line that diminishes QOS of those that don't tow the line. ISP's should be required to maintain a minimum bandwidth expresses as a percentage of the max. They should not be able to sell a tier within a community unless they have the capacity to maintain all customers above the minimum for all tiers / customers. If some such reg exists, it seems far too lenient or is not monitored.This issue surrounds so many other issues and they are all important. Access to the internet is becoming more and more necessary for everyone.