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1. I work from home 100% of the time and unless I pay for the top tier internet package 100-120 per month, I can't get enough upload speed in my package (I need at least 5Mbps). At work we use various voice and video over IP solutions to stay connected. I no longer have a handset phone. I make all my calls through the computer. The upload speeds are the limiting factor to how clear my voice signals are at work.2. I live in a smaller city (Nanaimo) and we only have two choices for internet providers. There are not enough independents working in smaller cities because of the smaller market, so I feel like we are at a disadvantage price wise over the major centers.3. Data Caps - It feels like internet providers have two ways to force consumers into a higher package...if consumers are willing to tolerate slower speeds, but the company makes unreasonable data caps, consumers are forced up. The reality is that more services are going online. I receive all my radio, tv via internet. As more tv streaming services come online, VOIP phones etc., internet providers need to up the data caps for consumers.4. Innovation - I would be fine paying higher prices if the internet providers introduced optical fibre to the home. I work in telecom and it seems like the providers have not invested in their infrastructure...sure Shaw is putting lots of public wifi access points in many communities, but that is not the same as improving the cabling to the home. It feels like the smaller cities are left behind...I think there is some optical fibre happening in big condo/apartment buildings in Vancouver...but again..major centers first and by the time they get done, the small cities are seriously left behind. We should develop regulations that encourage cities to develop their own MANs as alternatives to for profit internet providers.