Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 465

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My name is **** Hanlin and I reside in Salt Springs, New Brunswick. I would like to provide comments regarding Bell Internet/ Telecommunications Service to rural Canada. Our community is a rural area and the only opportunity we have for high speed internet is through a company called Xplornet which provides satellite service. Bell only provides a dial up option. I would like to advise you on how Bell which is the only option in our area affects my telecommunication options;Currently outside the rural areas you can purchase a Bell Bundle which will give you **** Phone with 8 features, Internet 50/10 mbps and TV programming 160+ channels for $99 plus HST per month. I cannot get High speed with Bell in my area so my Xplornet bill is $59.99 plus HST per month, my Bell Satellite bill (Rogers not an option in our area) is $115 plus HST and my home phone bill is $50 plus HST. The home phone is the cheapest I can get and have no long distance plan and use a 3rd party provider and one feature, it was the only way I could get the bill down from $80 a month. We have sporadic cell service (also Bell) so I cannot give up my land line and only have that. So my monthly costs for telecommunications is approx. $225 before taxes in rural New Brunswick. So in order for my house to compare to homes in more residential areas I feel I am penalized because of where I live. I have no other options as does my entire community and many other areas like me, Bell has us and they know we have no other option and will have to pay whatever they decide, do without or get less services. My child is no longer in school but I wanted him to have the same advantages as his counterparts when it came to school work and the internet or just basic communications. But these services were only available at a considerable cost higher than those in more urban areas which I don’t think is fair. I figure I pay approx. $125 more a month than my urban counterparts which is approx. $1500 more a year.So I definitely think Bell needs to share their technology so that more services can be provided to rural Canada without us footing the bill for the upgraded services in the more residential areas. If Bell can’t or won’t provide it, let someone else who is willing to focus on a forgotten area. Xplornet did it, they brought high speed to our community and I don’t think there is one house in our community that does not have an Xplornet dish on their roof, in this day and age who uses dial up? It would take forever to download a movie or program plus tie up your phone line. These are customers that Bell could have had as well.I would just like to have the option to have my telecommunications with other companies and receive comparable service for a comparable cost. I am not getting that now with Bell. Competition never hurt anyone in fact, it keeps everyone on their toes and keeps them striving to provide services at an affordable cost to its customers.Thank you **** Hanlin