Intervention: Intervenor 29

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The Nova Scotia Government has licensed Seaside High-Speed as a provider for rural Nova Scotia. This was a poor choice and we would have been better off if money had been paid to Bell Aliant to have them provide FiberOp to all areas and not just the high density regions where they can harvest more money. As for Seaside, it is a **** Mouse operation with **** Mouse technology and as a result I am lucky to get 1.2 megs download and quite often below one meg. It is very discouraging when it takes five minutes to download a three minute video. I could never download a movie or a concert without constant delays while the equipment catches up.This is horse and buggy.As it is that the quality of television is deplorable and the servers say there is nothing they can do, we must move to the Internet for everyday entertainment and I cannot do this with 1.2 megs speed.For the money I am paying for both satellite TV and Internet service, I am being ripped off and it is not fair.On the two or three occasions that I have contacted CRTC on these matter, I have been told that it was not in their mandate and that I must contact my server. That has proven to be a waste of time. I wonder what the CRTC does if not regulate the quality and structure of the fare we have to contend with.