Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 644

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I find that the continuing expansion of cellular service, and at better quality and speeds than in past has allowed me to use cellular in most cases, instead of a conventional land-line. This should be a direction to expanding into. Rural phones, as I have at the cottage are poor in quality of transmission, and for the little it gets used could be replaced with a cellular service, if cellular ranges were increased. We need 100% cellular coverage in any area where people live. The use of cellular access to internet should become less expensive over time. I think subsidies should continue for all remote/rural land-line locations, and be subsidized by taxpayers in general, not by the providers who no longer operate under "monopoly conditions". However; I don't believe new installations should be by conventional cable/copper. All new should be cellular. As far as internet access speeds deemed "necessary" for most users, 5 meg/sec downloads and 1 meg/sec uploads provides all that is normally required. Higher delivery should be at cost to those needing it.