Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 357

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Hello all,A brief bit bout me: Im a Newf in the GTA.Right to it, All data related prices are insane in Canada. I lived/worked in the Philippians for a short time not long ago; the majority of HOMELESS people there had cell phones and data plans. It was so odd to see someone cleaning themselves in a ditch and talking on their cell phone at the same time. It cast a light on the state of this market in Canada, as well as many other markets that we are blatantly being taken advantage of in. Makes me so annoyed to know, that in this country, we sit by and let things stagnate like this. We funnel our wealth up the same old streams that don't give back and politely question the system YEARS too late, on every wrong doing. Canada has to set a realistic standard that these data companies NEED to follow. In this country that we have such pride in, quality should not be the premium, it should be the standard! ......its 2015!Thank you for reading my short aim-weary blurt.