Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 588

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Our house was a Shaw customer for over 15 years, then in the spring of 2015 I noticed in a news article indicating two things that Shaw cable was going to raise internets rates yet again after just increasing their rates as well put a cap on the amount of downloading allowed. I made numerous attempts throughout the spring to try and find a way to lower my bill with Shaw Cable without any success. In trying to work out some sort of cost reduction with Shaw Cable, I told them that we had been a customer with them for over 15 years, that we had Internet, Cable TV and phone service through them. I also went on to the various customer service agents I spoke to that Shaw Cables internets rates have gone up over 300% in less than 12 years and there was no reasonable excuse! I threatened to cut all my services with Shaw Cable, it also had no impact, so I started looking for other providers, I quickly found that there were no real options for Internet providers and only one other option for Cable Television. Telus came by my door and offered a better introductory offer and I switched all of our services over to Telus. I no sooner switched my services I received a rather large bill, because of overage of internet downloading. I called Telus, they said they had just started charging for Internet overages; the agent went on to say that they and other providers have always had limits for downloading, they just never bothered enforcing them. Telus like Shaw Cable had not enforced downloading limits for over 15 years and now they're going to and people are going to be faced with surprise bills! The Rep went on to say that I could increase my package but that would increase my bill considerably or even add on unlimited downloading (something that had been a practise for over 15 years at no charge) for an additional fee! I quickly realized that Telus was no better than Shaw Cable, the use introductory rates to trap people into 2 and three year contracts and then surprise customers with limits and other surprise bills.I was shocked to learn the telacommunication industry in Canada made 13 BILLION dollars in 2013. I have lived abroad as well traveled outside of Canada for many years, that experience proved what I had seen on the news numerous times that Canadians pay the highest fees for internet services and cell phones in the entire world! We pay the highest rates in the world and these providers like Shaw Cable and Telus continue raise their rates and nickel and dime Canadians on every turn so they can continue to feed their greed!The telecommunication industry in Canada must be heavily regulated and brought into line with other countries rates! There are no valid reasons for these constant rate increases, it is a simple cash of pure corporate greed along the lines of Canadian **** and the old sector paid by Canadians who have no options. Canadian families like mine rely heavily in Internet and mobil phones for doing business, staying in touch with family and friends as well using these services as a information resource. The basic packages are over twenty years out of date, the basic packages do not accurately reflect modern patterns of peoples needs, requirements or desired levels of service! These telecommunication giants must be brought in line with the rest of the developed world and undeveloped world! I am tired of supporting these giants who manipulate customers so that they can become even more rich, to buy even more corporate jets, buy even more media outlets and build an even larger corporation at the expense of Canadian families like mine who have NO options!