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I originally contacted the CRTC to ask for support in getting High **** Wireless service to **** Island, BC at a reasonable cost and speed. Presently the only services available to us are satellite, wireless cellular and dial up. I have used all 3 of the above services and found dial up too slow and the other two are extremely expensive when using todays technology (streaming Video and Internet TV service) available via the internet. Telus a few years ago ran a fibre optic line across our Island in order to provide ADSL service to Gibsons BC, all attempts to get them to install the additional equipment on Island to allow us access have proven to be fruitless. I ask the CRTC's assistance in providing a means for those of us that live outside the metropolitan areas a cost effective way to use todays modern telecommunication technology I am happy to pay a small out of regular service area fee for metropolitan service but the alternatives provided to us at this time are inferior and more expensive than what is available not even 5 Km away from us.Thanks so much for this opportunity.Gordon Pay