Intervention: Intervenor 168

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There are various issues that must be fixed when it comes to the internet in Canada. I will not focus on wireless as the CRTC is currentlly dealing with that issue. Between the woeful lack of knowledge that the average internet user possesses and the misinformation that our ISPs pass around, I feel there is a huge gap that needs to be filled. First off the price point of our internet connection is absolutely ludicrous in comparison to the rest of the western world. As published today it is 64% more expensive than the same product in the UK. Our access has been called "Third World Levels"* Secondly, opening our telecommunication lines to third party ISPs has not made life better. They don't have the ability to put their own infastructure in place and therefore work as a smokescreen. We still have the big three companies that run the show. They are not open to competition and they like it that way. I would like to see telecom regulated and forced down to provide reasonable access to regular Canadians without been priced prohibitively.*National **** Article "Why Canada has 'Third World access to the Internet' Sept 24 2013"