Interventions Phase 2: Mr.Electrician Can (Intervenor 475)

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To be fair I have been in the employ of Northern Electric a Telecom company and a sub contractor to a Shaw Cable contractor.So that said, I am know a little from the field and reasonably capable of using the data services supplied, and technical information accumulated to apply my own telecommunications devices for home telephone use, T.V and other forms of entertainment and a small range of other digital audio/video communications equipment. So with my own contracting experience and information research data,I have come to realize and understand that there is here in Canada, a great amount of Infrastructure data capacity available but not in use due to some self or other imposed restrictions to open it up for use by competing communications businesses. I find this has caused some throttling to become an everyday expectation from all data and ISP providers even those with all that spare capacity. Then there are those publicly owned communications affiliates whom have their own policies for not sharing their extra capacity. I feel the federal authorities should provide this extra capacity and take it out of private enterprises hands all together and regulate it as well. I say this because private enterprise has since the 90's more than 20 years, demonstrated these have not been honest with the public, advertising full capacity and then throttling your services and at all other levels at that. Also these large infrastructure owners, seem to have created an artificial shortage of data transmission capacity through their political rangling, thus forcing competing startups to seek the use of existing data infrastructure suppliers at exorbitant prices who again in turn throttle services trying to manage more consumers on a very limited rented infrastructure. All we consumers need is a fully functioning, full capacity, data service for our future needs if that is what is being laid out for us as a communications plan. In all honesty, like many fellow Canadians, I personally am so appalled with the poor quality and high price of our data services and the (abuse suffered a whole other matter) from both wireless telecom and hard wired service providers, that I am advocating going back to paper for all my billing and communications. I apologize for this and really do hate to complain, but I'm that serious about this matter my fellow Canadians, its no joke anymore. Really there must be someone with a simple clear vision to solve this matter. How hard can this be to do?