Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 312

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Canada's internet service is atrocious, even **** Korea is beating us in terms of pricing and bandwidth — a 100Mbit connection in **** Korea costs the equivalent of $53 CAD per month.That's literally TWENTY TIMES FASTER than the service Shaw offers Canadians at the same price point.Now **** Korea is set to roll out 10Gps service (yes, 10 GIGABITS per second, that's A HUNDRED TIMES FASTER than the FASTEST service Shaw and Telus offer).SK is only one example of many countries that are putting Canada to shame with their internet offerings. All over Europe people are paying much less each month for much, MUCH faster service.If Canada wants to continue to call itself a global leader in technology we're going to have to play some serious catch-up and get our internet speeds up to snuff, while also reigning in the out-of-control pricing Canadians are currently suffering under.It's time for a major crack-down on ISP price-gauging, and a major upgrade to bandwidth availability.