Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 728

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I completed the online questionnaire. I was surprised to see the options that people living in rural areas should have to pay more for their internet connections. This is unacceptable. I live in Fredericton where I have a fibre connection to my home that delivers more bandwidth and costs less than the transport feed serving entire small remote and rural communities. The people living in urban centres often have a number of different providers and prices to select from when they purchase their internet services. The providers are earning billions on these existing services and customers for many different reasons. Instead of charging customers more to benefit the private telecom providers, their networks and infrastructure, these companies need to paying dividends to a fund that is accessible to the communities and their partners willing to develop and sustain broadband infrastructure and local networks so the people living anywhere in Canada can have adequate and affordable connections. Existing telecom providers have benefited for far too long from public subsidies, monopoly environments, protected regions, regulations and policies supporting their development. It is now time that they share these benefits so everyone is able to be connected to adequate broadband services. The CRTC needs to implement a fund sustained by the telecom providers already benefiting from existing regulations that provide them with their huge profits. This fund would support local community networks, capacity development and the transport infrastructure required to serve the community. The dollars need to available to the underserved and unserved communities across Canada and their partners willing to work with them to get connected. Telecom providers would need to work with those communities that have access to the funding to determine the best transport and distribution solutions that address local community needs and desires.