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My concern is with the increasing emphasis on using speed alone for defining the quality of our internet connections. I think we're failing to see the more important issue which is the consistent quality of the connection. I live in **** Simpson, NT and am served by Northwestel on their 15 megabit plan. This sounds great on paper but the reality is that I don't come close to these speeds during peak hours. This can be replicated via speed testing throughout the community which I have done on occasion at family and friends houses. Although I am paying for a 15 megabit connection I rarely even exceed 5 megabits on downloads or speed testing with various servers. This congestion results in more than just slow speeds but also with connection jitter, stutter and delay. Personally I see this as a huge disservice to the communities being sold these "high speed" connections. The reality is that these speeds are not achievable when we need it. I would like to see these bandwidth claims more closely examined and scrutinized. With technology where it is the need for more than 10mbit is almost non-existent but here we are paying for more just to be getting less.