Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 485

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This is simply a comment on Internet services. My service is with Shaw (V1L postal code). If the current standard is 5 Mb download and 1 MB upload my service gives 20 MB download and only .75 MB upload. What monitoring and penalties are there to ensure the service provider meets the standard? The price for service is far too high.Internet service like roadway infrastructure is a foundation to our economy. Working from home over the Internet has exploded over the past 10 years yet the attention to keeping this infrastructure up to the demand for service has sadly been non existent. Supporting this infrastructure and other enhancements to home based service will contribute significantly to the intellectual services and employment in Canada. And, keeping the cost of these services inline with Global competition is vital.History on the development of the Internet has proven to be sadly lacking in foresight. Future Advances and applications should be forecasted and pressures applied to ensure it meets these new applications to keep the infrastructure ahead of technology. This will ensure Canada will be a leader in Global competition. Many service providers bundle phone, mobile phone and Internet service together yet Internet, voice mail, long distant calling remain independently charged. If landline and mobile long distance calling are carried for the most part over the same network why are they priced separately? Why are Internet connections on landline and mobile services priced in the same way when again they are carried over the same network? Under a monopoly in the past revenues were tied to return on investment. Carriers like Telus and Bell have huge assets in building and wired networks. Those assists have not been needed since moving into the digital telecommunication era years ago. Do these assets and their costs in maintenance play any role in the pricing of mobile and Internet services? If so they should be driven out over time.