Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 685

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Ms. **** May-Cuconato Secretary-General Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission Ottawa, Ontario *** *** Re: Telecom Notice of Consultation CRTC 2015-134, Review of Basic Telecommunications Services **** Ms. May-Cuconato; 1. I am a resident of Canada’s **** and a consumer of telecommunication services. As a northern resident, I have a real interest in the CRTC’s review of basic telecommunications services. 2. Access to quality, affordable broadband is important to me and to the north. How the CRTC deals with broadband going forward will have a major impact on consumers, competition, choice, and innovation across Canada. 3. I rely on broadband service as an essential part of my personal and work life. Broadband service strengthens the social health of our community. It helps local business, it helps preserve northern culture, and it allows our culture to be shared around the globe. 4. For the north to participate fully in the digital economy, broadband prices must be affordable, if not the same as the south, and there must be backbone capacity to deliver quality service. To achieve this, I agree with the proposal made by SSi Micro to the CRTC in their July 2015 intervention, The Qimirluk Proposal: An Open Gateway to Deliver the Promise of Broadband. 5. I agree that the CRTC basic service objective must be updated to reflect today’s reality: Broadband is the basic telecommunications service. Broadband is a must-have for all consumers, businesses and governments in Canada, especially in the ****. 6. The CRTC must ensure that the communications backbone connecting northern communities to the rest of the world is able to meet growing demand, and that facilities in remote communities allow competing local providers to deliver quality and affordable broadband and other services to end-users such as myself. 7. I appreciate the opportunity to submit this intervention. I do not wish to appear at any public hearing, but do permit the CRTC to post these comments and my contact information on the CRTC website.Yours very truly,Sandra Mathers