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My residential address is 270 River Dive ****, **** Lake, BC, *** ***. We are located in a 20 lot subdivision, 4 km south of **** Lake and just 1 km **** of the Canada- USA border crossing on Highway 395. We are obviously not stuck in the middle of nowhere. Internet service provider options remain only Telus dialup or Telus "stick". Xplornet does not provide a signal to this area, which remains a mystery to us all. We subscribe to the Telus stick for $70 per month to a limit of 5 mb per month. that is not a typo! My wife has a home based business which requires extensive Internet use for research etc. On average we spend $125 per month to Telus AND, since she requires a few more mb's than 5 per month, she rents an office in the town AND pays for a ShawCable high speed connection there. It is inefficient and expensive. What costs $60 per month 4 km away in **** Lake, we pay over $300, including this needless office space. Any help or consideration you could provide would be very sincerely appreciated. Yours truly, **** Tambellini