Intervention: Intervenor 24

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I live in a rural area outside of ****, BC.Telus provides my telecommunications services: telephone and internet.I am a light user of the internet. My biggest usage is for my hobby of digital photography. I watch a few instructional videos on-line, but not entertainment.In less than two years, Telus has increased my internet service charge from $42 per month to $57 – 20 percent per year for two years running! No appreciable change in service accompanied the rate increase. (Upload speed is still very poor.) Since there is no competitive alternative, they get away with it. I would like my basic internet service charges to increase no faster than the overall inflation rate.If funding infrastructure improvements is the justification for these rate increases (as Telus claims), I support the investigation of alternative ways of funding them. I see little need nor benefit of such costly infrastructure improvements for basic home internet users, who therefore should not suffer large rate increases.I would also ask the CRTC to take steps to improve the privacy of customers of Canadian ISPs.