Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 449

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Canada has slid very badly in the last decade. I have been involved in technology, and have found that when the Government supports firms like Explornet in the fraud they pull on the citizens of Canada, it makes me embarrassed to be Canadian. Currently, the only reliable and performant internet access available to a majority of rural users, is one of the big Telco's (Bell, Rogers) LTE Mobile Internet. The Cheapest of these is $140 for 100 Gb of data with a $5 per gig overage charge. I have know people who have toured the world, including 3rd world countries, and almost all have better for much cheaper. I know for a fact that cheaper LTE service can be brought to most of Rural users, but Bell and Rogers wont, because they know we have no choice.Raisons pour comparaitre / Reasons for appearanceRural Broadband internet access. I wish to expand on the financial burden that is the legacy of government not being engaged or interested. I would also like to talk about how this is putting so many people at a disadvantage compared to those who live inside wired internet zones.