Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 521

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I live only 40 km from Edmonton, 11 km north of Stony **** and 1.5 km from the fiber optic for SuperNet. However, I have to rely on an expensive, slow and often intermittent LTE link for my internet. I realize that there are vast parts of Canada that do not even have this level of connectivity but you would think that as close to major urban centres, I could be getting much better service. The reliance on commercial enterprises to provide rural service is annoying and counter-intuitive. A government led plan to develop and construct a broadband super-highway as part of a nation wide infrastructure project and then lease access to commercial enterprises with caps on what they can then charge would create revenue for governments and vastly expand citizen access to more reliable and faster services in much larger service areas. As a home based business I am handicapped in many ways by the limited access I now have.